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As the constructive forms of an electric motor are made

Well we know it is that an electric motor can not come without identification, because if it did not come we would not know what he may or may not have, that the power of his type is three-phase, whether it uses alternating current or direct current baldor motors. And one of those components of the electric motor nameplate, it is the constructive way, which we will treat as follows:

The mounting position is identified in the motor plates are usually provided where 4 or 5 digits, eg B32D and B352D where we can clarify that the first letter means is an electric motor which is within the standards established by law by INMETRO, which is the Institute of Metrology and Quality Techniques, and these numbers mean through the use or non flanges on the electric motor and within its components and finally the last letter indicates which motor side is for the connection box.

This is only one explanation you should inquire of all.

Possible risks caused by mobile phone

So far there is no study to provide evidence indicating that the cell phone carry risks to human health.

Due to the growth in the wholesale mobile phone industry wholesale bluetooth headphones, as well as other electronic devices such as radio, television, some remote controls, wireless computer networks, etc. using electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) waves for communication.

These electromagnetic waves are considered non-ionizing radiation, that is considered safe in the power used in wireless devices whose operation meets the recommendations of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) provisionally adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) [7].

Several studies have been conducted to determine possible long-term risks to human health when using mobile devices: the World Health Organization released preliminary results of a study that suggests that the use of cell phones may be related to a greater predisposition to various types cancers; on the other hand a recent study based on data collected over the last 30 years, covering practically all the inhabitants, who use the mobile phone no complications.

Engine used in dryer

Below is a description of engines that are used in industrial dryers and open-type engines that use rings, how they work and what kind of equipment it fits. What kind of manufacturing, all this below, see:

Model Electric Motor to be used in Dryer

The electric motors of this model, single phase motors are designed to meet the most varied conditions of use in dryers and have maximum performance and yield, transformed into reliability and economy and efficiency, and long life, not requiring constant maintenance. This engine accepts water jets because its interior has perfect seal.

Model Electric motor of the new Master Line – M78AA – BT / AT – Open type ODP using rings

The electric motors of this model are engines that were manufactured in different configurations, these settings are given in two stages of manufacturing as the cooling method and manufacturing in the degree of protection. The configuration of the electric motor can be defined to suit the operating and environmental conditions.